LP "Perfect Man" Double Vinyl

Rage Perfect Man Double-LP Gatefold.
Fourth official studio album, official rerelease.
Rage Perfect Man LPRage Perfect Man LP
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Side A:

1.Wasteland 03:26

2.In The Darkest Hour 03:15

3.Animal Instinct 03:43

4.Perfect Man 03:32

5.Sinister Thinking 03:17

6.Supersonic Hydromatic 03:31

7.Death In The Afternoon 03:56

Side B:

1.Don't Fear The Winter 03:26

2.A Pilgrim's Path 04:26

3.Time And Place 04:14

4.Round Trip 03:23

5.Between The Lines 03:18

6.Symbols Of Our Fear 03:33

7.Neuroticc 03:02

Side C + D Bonus Tracks

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