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2 CD "Welcome To The Other Side"

Official rerelease (remastered) incl. Bonus CD
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CD 1:
1. Trauma (Instrumental)
2. Paint The Devil On The Wall
3. The Mirror In Your Eyes
4. R.I.P.
5. One More Time
6. Requiem (Instrumental)
7. I´m Crucified
8. No Lies
9. Point of No Return
10. Leave It All Behind
11. Deep in the Night
12. Welcome to the Other Side
13. Lunatic (Instrumental)
14. Riders on the Moonlight
15. Straight to Hell
16. After the End
17. Sister Demon

CD 2:
1. Straight To Hell (Edit)
2. Don’t Fear The Winter (Version 2001)
3. Point Of No Return (Rough Mix)
4. No Lies (Rough Mix)
5. Greetings to Russian Fans #
6. Greetings to Moscow Fans #
7. Overture*
8. From The Cradle To The Grave*
9. Days of December*
10. Back In Time*
11. Higher Than The Sky*

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